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<b>Diploma Program Overview</b>

Students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program study three of the five core subject areas (English, Social Studies, Math, Science, or World Language) at the IB Higher Level over two years, 11th and 12th grades combined. Students also study two other of the core areas (English, Social Studies, Math, Science, or World Language) at the IB Standard Level.   Standard Level is still college level curriculum and receives a quality point for GPA computation purposes.  These two SL courses are typically one year only course offerings in either junior or senior year.  Students also se­lect one additional IB Sixth Subject to study at the Standard Level—this is typically completed in the twelfth grade. This sixth subject may be an IB fine arts course, another science, or another social science IB offering. Requirements for the IB Diploma also include a seventh class called IB Theory of Knowledge (taken in combination with graduation requirements of Government and Economics of the two years in the program, 11th and 12th grades combined). Students must also complete an Extended Essay, and document the required number of CAS hours. Successful candidates may earn the IB Diploma in addition to the State of Georgia high school diploma.

Courses offered at Tucker HS:

 Group 1
IB Literature HL 
Group 2
IB Spanish SL
IB French SL 
Group 3
IB History HL
IB Psychology SL 
Group 4
IB Biology HL
IB Chemistry HL 
Group 5
IB Math Studies SL 
Group 6
IB Visual Arts SL
IB Film SL 

Course Overview (9 – 12): 

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

Literature and Composition

World Literature

IB Literature year one

IB Literature year two

AP Human Geography
American Government and Civics

AP World History
Economics (graduation requirement)

IB History year one

IB History year two



IB Biology or Chemistry year one
Physics (graduation requirement)

IB Biology or Chemistry year one

French I or II/Spanish I or II

French II or III/Spanish II or III

French III or IV/ Spanish III or IV

IB French or IB Spanish


IB Theory of Knowledge

IB Theory of Knowledge


P.E/Health or elective (with completion of 2nd PE exemption)

IB Visual Arts or
IB Psychology or 
IB Film

IB Visual Arts or
IB Psychology or 
IB Film

Coordinate Algebra and Geometry


IB Math Studies

AP Calculus or AP Statistics

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