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2016-2017 Student Academic Guidelines

At Tucker High School our focus is on content and accountability. As a result the below academic guidelines have been implemented.

These guidelines are Tucker standards for all departments.


Student Action

Educator Action

Grade Impact



Notify parent/guardian and contact administrator

Retest after parent contact. Retest should be made within 2 days. Student grade is the retest grade minus a 30 point deduction


Work not completed although student in class

Accept the work that was completed

Student will receive grade earned

Makeup for assignments from excused/unexcused /ISS absences

Assignment(s) Missed

Provide student an opportunity to make up work

Excused or unexcused absence; student has two class days per day absent to makeup work with no point deduction.

Homework/Late Assignments/Skipping

Turn homework/assignment in after due date

Provide student an opportunity to turn in work

11 point deduction each day. After four days the maximum a student can receive is 50% for that assignment

Summative Assessments

Fail Initial Assessment

Allow the students to be reassessed on at least one summative of their choice per semester. The student has until week 15 of the semester to pick the summative. The student should be allowed to reassess during instruction time.

The higher of the two grades will be used.

Tucker Academic Guidelines Include the following:

· Makeup work that misses the due date timeframe falls under the late assignment policy

· If assignment is not turned in at all regardless to assignment type (homework/classwork/etc) then the student receives a zero.

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