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Final Instructions Class of 2017
1. Students please try on your caps and gowns now. If the hat is too small, please bring it to B318 to exchange for a larger one. This must be done by Friday May 26 or that is what they will wear at graduation.
2. They must be here at 6:45 to ride the bus to graduation. They are to ride home with their parents.
3. There will be a small snack provided on the bus in case they do not eat breakfast, but they are encouraged to eat as it is a long day and there is a lot of walking in the very large building.
4. Students are expected to dress nice- dark slacks and shoes for all. They are NOT allowed to decorate their hats. They will not be allowed to wear them during the ceremony and there are no extras. Girls- do not wear too high of a heel as you are not going to be allowed to walk across the stage with your heels in your hands (per county).
5. Parents should probably plan to drop kids off at school and then head downtown to find parking and get situated. There will be a holding room open for them at 8:30 or so to wait if they get there early.
6. Parking is $15.00 the day of and $10.00 if they buy online. (There's a link somewhere; we got it the other day from Ms. Whiting).
7. There are no balloons, posters, signs, noisemakers of any sort allowed in the building.
8. Parents are expected to stand at their seats while the students recess out and then follow out after them to meet them up on the plaza of some sort in order to take them home.
9. We are starting promptly at 10:00 AM and should be done by 11:30 at the latest.