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Welcome, Class of 2022!!

Senior Sponsor:  Ms. Tina Muñoz

 Tucker HS Class of 2022 Google Classroom code: 4344nls

Dear Class of 2022 Tucker Tigers,

I hope that you are enjoying your senior year. Please know that there is much to come, as seniors begin paying their dues, so that we can begin planning senior events and ordering items.

We will have one event in the fall and a senior shirt that releases at that event, and then 4-5 senior events, plus graduation itself and another senior shirt, in the spring. The events will include such activities as a senior lock-in (not actually overnight - sorry kids!) or movie night, a breakfast, a cookout, a dinner, and an ice cream social. Though one or two events (a cookout and a movie night) will be included in Package A for senior dues, Package B includes all events and the opportunity to participate in an exclusive survey to plan events you would want to attend in the spring. Though I do have an idea already of events you all might like to participate in, I truly value student involvement and would like to make this senior year special for you all.

Choose which one of the three senior dues packages you would like to purchase to match your desired level of participation in senior year activities. Again, Package A includes only a few events, such as a cookout and a movie night, but Package B includes all of Package A, more events, and the chance to share your voice regarding preferences for those included activities. Package C would include all of that and a yearbook for a discounted price.

***Cap and Gown purchase is completely separate from senior dues, and is done at the Herff Jones website:***

Please see the chart below for senior dues pricing:






Graduation + 2 senior shirts and 1-2 small events



Package A + premium senior events based on your input



Package A + Package B + 2021-22 Yearbook

You will pay your senior dues online at the Tucker HS webstore at the following link, , and we will not be accepting cash or check payments. All payments must be made through the webstore link.

Again, cap and gown purchase is not covered by the senior dues and must be done through the Herff Jones website. Herff Jones catalogues with information regarding ordering cap/gown, etc. were passed out in homeroom before the fall break. If you did not get yours, please stop by my classroom (B221) in order to pick it up and fill out a form I need to send to them with your information on it. 

To place your order for cap/gown and other accessories, we cannot do any paper orders. Therefore, although I do realize they included paper order forms in the packets we passed out, you must place your order for your cap and gown on the Herff Jones website that I linked above. This is also where you will purchase graduation announcements, yard signs, etc. 

Below are some important dates, but please note that we will keep an updated calendar available on Google Classroom and the THS website as we confirm more events and times/dates.




Financial Aid Night

October 19th

6:00 pm

NCAA night (senior athletes)

October 19th

8:00 pm

Senior Advisement

November 4th 


Senior Parent Meeting

November 4th 

6:00 pm

Georgia Apply to College Week

November 8-12th

College Application Day

November 10th

12:00-3:00 pm

Due date for dues in order to receive Fall senior shirt at cookout

November 17th 

Senior Cookout for ALL seniors who have paid dues by November 17th

December 3rd

4:00-6:00 pm

Senior Spirit and Giving Night

December 3rd

6:00 pm

Herff Jones early bird pricing ends & announcement order is submitted

December 31st 

Senior Dues go up to $80

February 7th 

Due date for dues in order to receive Spring senior shirt

March 18th

***Final Due Date for Senior Dues*** in order to participate in graduation festivities!

April 18th

Honors Night 

April 28th 

6:00 pm


May 9-13th 

Senior Finals

May 12-13th 


May 13th 

After finals


TBD in May


Graduation Practice

TBD in May



TBD in May


Please know that the planning of all the events mentioned above is fluid, so there could be changes/updates as we move through the year. Please also know ahead of time that we do not expect for the county to make us aware of the graduation date and details until February. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding in this regard.

Please pay attention to the above due dates, as necessary, in order to get the most out of your senior year! Also, please let me know if you have any questions.

We, the faculty and staff of Tucker High School, look forward to an amazing year and the celebration of the wonderful accomplishments of our Senior Class of 2022!

Your senior sponsor,

Tina M. Muñoz

[email protected]


Senior Parent Night (8-24-2021)

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